Acrylic Pro

Fine Art Acrylic Wall Art

Acrylic Pro is a breakthrough in fine art printing. We offer the unique combination of vibrant colors and breathtaking details. Our ultra-transparent acrylic panels ensure total print accuracy from your files. No enhancements or adjustments. Just precise color management for a flawless and long-lasting print under the acrylic layer. The back panel, available in different colors, is made from a rigid monoblock with edges and angles precise to the millimeter.

Two finishes, one result: excellence.

Available in both Glossy and Matte finish, the Acrylic Pro reaches impressive dynamic ranges. Whether you prefer the play of light and reflection of a perfectly shiny surface or the purity of an anti-glare protected image, Acrylic Pro will make the most of your portraits.

Perfect mounting for a one-of-kind design

With its clean and elegant lines, Acrylic Pro is the combination of top quality materials and state-of-the-art inkjet printing. The mounting, perfect in every part, gives this product a premium look, worthy of a professional photographer.

Ink jet printing with 12 fine art inks

Get ready to admire the gamut of color on your print! The wealth of detail and color accuracy is exactly as you imagined it on you monitor. A guaranteed hundred years of longevity.

Highest quality acrylic

The spectacular visual effect is obtained by combining the print with an extremely transparent 1/8 inch thick acrylic sheet. Resistant and unalterable, this acrylic is available with a glossy or anti-glare matte finish.

Seamless high-impact unibody wooden panel

The poetry of your images deserves much more than a simple raw fir wood frame. The unibody wooden panel, designed for our wall art, offers beauty and pure class to your entire work of art. Finally, the right support for your photographic masterpieces!

Transparent adhesive layer

Invisible but essential, thanks to this layer, your amazing image, and the sheet of acrylic that protects it, become one. Produced from a patented material, this film is completely invisible and defect free.