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Most frequent questions and answers

Because of our previous experience with participants committing to a date and time and then either canceling at the last minute, or not showing up with no notice or explanation; we have chosen to charge an appointment retainer in the amount of $50. 

The retainer will be held until after the reveal session and will be credited to any order that you place, or refunded directly if you choose not to purchase any of your portraits.

Sessions will be held at my studio, conveniently located in Millsboro, Delaware.

Sessions will be held week day evenings after 6 pm during the month of September.

Portrait Sessions will last about 1 hour. 

The reveal and ordering session will also be about an hour. You can choose to return to the studio or we can have a socially distant consult using video conferencing.

  • A “once in a lifetime” Complimentary Photography Experience.
  • BONUS $100 Gift Card to apply toward any order ($100 Gift Card + $50 Retainer=$150 product credit).
  • There is no obligation to purchase.

Yes, absolutely. While we will be using select images for our studio displays and sample products, we will share your portraits with you during the reveal session and would like to give you the opportunity to purchase the portraits you choose.