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Southern Delaware Dog Photography

Beyond the Ordinary: A Tribute to Humanity's Loyal Companion

Southern Delaware Dog Photography

Beyond the Ordinary: A Tribute to Humanity's Loyal Companion


Freeze those special moments with timeless pet portraits

Does your furry best friend make you smile every day? Do you ever wish you could bottle up all those happy moments together? Well, you can! Imagine having beautiful portraits of your dog hanging on your wall, capturing their playful personality and the love you share.

Our studio specializes in creating stunning pet portraits that go beyond ordinary snapshots. We know your dog is one-of-a-kind, and we want to create portraits that reflect their unique spirit.

Outdoor Dog Photography


Celebrate your dog's love of life
with breathtaking outdoor portraits

Do you ever wish you could bottle up the pure joy your dog experiences when they’re outdoors? Chasing frisbees at the park, splashing in the waves at the beach – those are some of the happiest moments you share together! Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a lasting memory of that unbridled joy?

Imagine capturing that pure happiness in a beautiful portrait! We offer outdoor dog photography sessions designed to capture your pup’s adventurous spirit. These sessions take place in beautiful natural settings like beaches and parks, allowing your dog to explore and be themselves. Our experienced photographers know how to put your dog at ease and capture those candid moments of pure joy.


Imagine Breathtaking Portraits of Your Dog Running Freely Outdoors!!

Ready to Capture the Magic of Your Dog's Outdoor Adventures?

Black-and-White Studio Portraits


Capture the unique bond between
you and your furry friend in classic black & white

Do you adore the timeless beauty of black and white photos? Ever wished you could capture a classic portrait that reflects the special connection between you and your dog? Imagine a beautiful black and white portrait hanging on your wall, showcasing your dog’s personality and your love for each other in a simple yet sophisticated way.

Here at Eric Cathell Photography, we specialize in creating stunning black-and-white studio portraits of dogs and their families. Our studio environment is designed to be comfortable and relaxed for you and your pup, ensuring a fun and stress-free experience.

Let's Create Classic Black and White Portraits of You with Your Dog, that Will Be Cherished Keepsakes for Your Family

Ready to create portraits that celebrate your bond with your dog?

Senior Dog Portrait Photography


Capture cherished memories with beautiful portraits
honoring your beloved companion

Our beloved dogs bring so much joy and love into our lives. As they enter their golden years, we cherish every moment together. Wouldn’t capturing a lasting portrait that celebrates your senior dog’s unique personality and the special bond you share would be wonderful?

We understand that our senior dogs hold a dear place in our hearts. We know how to create a calm and comfortable environment that allows your senior pup to relax and enjoy the experience.

Why are senior dog portraits are so special:

Creating Beautiful Portraits of Your Senior Dog that Capture Their Gentle Wisdom and The Love that Shines in Their Eyes Will Be a Source of Comfort and Joy for Years to Come.

Ready to Create a Lasting Tribute to Your Cherished Senior Dog?

Picture Puppies Posing for Their People!


Bursting with energy and full of surprises
freeze those fleeting puppy moments in pawsome portraits!

Puppies! They’re bundles of wiggling fur, chewing on everything in sight, and showering you with puppy kisses. This playful time goes by in a flash, wouldn’t you love to capture those adorable moments forever? Imagine having precious portraits of your pup’s first wobbly steps, their playful pounce, or those big, curious eyes gazing up at you.

At Eric Cathell Photography, we specialize in capturing the magic of puppyhood through lively and playful portrait sessions! We know how to connect with your puppy’s playful side and bring out their unique charm. We take a relaxed and fun approach to create memorable portraits that highlight your puppy’s adorable personality.

These adorable portraits of your puppy hanging in your home will bring a smile to your face for years to come.

Ready to capture the magic of your puppy's first adventures?


How We Can Help

Pets are more than just animals – they are cherished members of our families who bring us endless happiness, unwavering love, and countless cherished memories. Understanding the importance of capturing those fleeting moments with your pet we specialize in creating stunning pet portraits that go beyond ordinary snapshots.

Let's capture your pet's unique personality and special moments like your puppy's first zoomies or your senior dog's gentle wisdom. Allow us to create heirloom-quality keepsakes that will become treasured family possessions. Imagine displaying a breathtaking portrait of your pet on your wall, sparking joy and conversation for years to come. By creating lasting portraits of your pet, you can ensure that their love and spirit will always be a part of your life, providing you with peace of mind and happy memories.

What We DO

Location Scouting

We'll find the perfect backdrop, whether it's a favorite spot, a place that reflects their interests, or our versatile studio space.

Wardrobe Consultation

We will help your family choose outfits that make them feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera when being photographed.

Capturing Genuine Moments

Our experienced photographers go beyond staged poses to capture natural smiles, candid interactions, and the emotions that define this special time.

What We

Wall Art

Hero Pieces, Collections and Storyboards


Modern to traditional to hip...
options to match any aesthetic


Packaged or a la carte
Full resolution or sized for social media


What Our Clients Are Saying

Krystle Roosa – Black and White Family Portraits

Eric Cathell Photography did our family pictures and we are so happy with the results! From the phone interview before the session to the presentation of photos after, we were so pleased. They have a beautiful studio and personalities that made this the best photo experience ever. Cannot wait to get our final prints/canvas products! Will definitely be back!

Sheldon P. Hudson – Professional Headshots for Town Manager

“In addition to him having a really nice setup and taking great pride in his work, Eric is a patient, kind, and all-around wonderful human being.

My session was far more than a transaction; it was a great and memorable experience!”

Jenny Lewis – Mommy & Me Family Portraits

Eric and his wife are amazing! I had a Mother/child photo session and Eric captured my family better than I ever could! He was friendly, patient and most importantly, took his time and made sure he captured my family as if he was one of our family members! The appointments down to receiving our photos were top notch! I would recommend Eric and his wife for any and all of your photography needs!


Passionately Dedicated to Your
Portrait Experience

We believe portrait photography for dogs should be more than just pictures; they should be cherished memories that tell their story. At Eric Cathell Photography, we specialize in creating personalized portraits that capture your dog's unique charisma.

Eric Cathell

Studio Owner/Photographer

Wendy Cathell

Studio Owner/Visionairy




More Than Just Photos:
Celebrating Your Dog's Unique Spirit

We believe pet portraits are more than just photos – they’re a way to celebrate the unique spirit of your furry best friend. Our clients tell stories of heartwarming portraits that capture their dog’s playful personality, their special bond, and cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Imagine having a stunning portrait of your dog hanging on your wall, a constant reminder of the unconditional love and joy they bring to your life. These portraits become conversation starters, sparking memories and bringing a smile to your face every time you see them.


Let's Connect and Create Something Great Together.

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