Okay seniors, listen up!

We know that you are completely uninspired about the pictures that are offered to you through your school. You’re being presented with the same formula portraits from elementary school, middle school and as underclassmen in high school. You might have to use them for your cap and gown picture, but you’re not obligated to any of those other pictures! And don’t blow off your senior portraits like they don’t matter, because they do. Something will be printed in that book, and an empty thumbnail is no way to be remembered; but neither is that boring cap and gown photo. The right photograph will help people remember you for years, or longer. Work with me to create that memorable experience; capture you being you.

Your high school senior portraits should be uniquely you and finding the right senior portrait photographer to capture those images with you is vital. Eric Cathell Photography can capture that time of your life when you are first stepping out into becoming the person you know you want to be.Your senior portraits need to make you feel confident and proud of how you look now, but also stand the test of time when reflected upon for years to come.

Years from now when your friends or classmates look back through their copy of the yearbook and post bad cellphone pictures of the pages showing your senior picture, do you want it to be the same tired cap and gown; or do you want to be reminded of the fun times and the person you were at the end of your high school experience? Take control of what represents you by making sure you have images you’re proud of.