Senior Dance Photography

Has your senior been dancing all their life?

Jazz and Tap Lessons, Lyrical Costumes, Recitals, and Of Course

The Nutcracker Concert…

This year is the culmination, the last time you’ll see them dance in High School. With our combined love of dance and photography,  we can help you capture your child’s final chapter of high school dance…

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Growing up as a Dance Photography Dad...

What memories do you have of your child’s first dance recital? I remember feeling all the first-year students looked so small yet amazingly beautiful.  I remember watching as they would do their best, concentrating and watching the others to make sure they were all in sync.

#blink and now you are halfway to Senior year and you wonder where the time went. More dance classes, different genres…when did they start teaching hip-hop in dance class…

#blinkagain and now you are at your last spring recital, the music starts and the spotlight comes up on your child, center stage. It’s their Senior Solo.

I know as a Dance Parent I took hundreds of pictures whenever I could. But, looking back through the years I can notice when the number of photos started to get thin. Most of them transitioned to selfies that were shared with you instead of stage pictures of performances.

Of course, we took what we could, and kept them all. And every single one is still a treasure.

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Senior Solo....

We didn’t make it to our Senior Solo, for either daughter.

Both girls chose different paths: Tough academics for both, High School Band for Cierra; Lacrosse, and Field Hockey for Breanna.

I grew up as a Dance Photography Dad, dreaming of watching and capturing both of my daughters’ Senior Solos.

Though I never shared them, I ALWAYS worked hard to capture amazing images for the seniors during their last recital.

I was always so proud of them…the hard work that they put in, the routines that they designed on their own, the emotion or meaning that each student shared with us…

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Terpsichore - The Love of Dance Portrait Photography

As a fellow dance parent, I would expect you to have hundreds, if not thousands of pictures of your child dancing through the years.


Or…maybe you don’t. Not every parent is fortunate enough to be able to capture all those moments, be at all the practices or maybe even make it to every recital. 


But I bet you treasure the ones you do have. I know that I do. Let me help you capture a small memory, a short span of time that I am sure you will treasure for many years to come. Let me share with you what is included in our Studio Dance Photography Experience.

Dance Photography
Short Studio Session

1 Hour Studio Sessoin
  • 1 Backgound
  • up to 2 Outfit Changes
  • $250 Studio Credit

Dance Photography
Extended Studio Session

3 Hour Studio Session
  • up to 2 Backgounds
  • up to 3 Outfit Changes
  • $500 Studio Credit

Dance Photography
Broadway Solo Session

2 Hour On-Location
2 Hour Studio Session
  • 2 Separate Session
  • 2 Outfit Changes per location
  • $1000 Studio Credit

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