Rainbow Bridge || Memorial Portrait || Mr. Felix

Rainbow Bridge
Memorial Portrait - Mr. Felix

Ode to Mr. Felix

I first had the privilege of meeting Mr. Felix in 2019 at Holt's Landing State Park along with his 2 brothers.....Over the phone his mom Taylor told me he was a photogenic boy, and I thought it was just a mom bragging on her little ones...Boy was i wrong...just look at that boy, how could you not love him. And he and I became buddies from that moment on.

We lost Mr Felix this week, unexpectantly.

No one was prepared, Taylor thought this summer that she was going to lose Doug, the golden lion of a dog, but he had a miracle of a recovery, and now to suffer the gut punch of losing Mr. Felix. But God had need of this beautiful white dog with the dangling tongue. I know Taylor and Craig will miss him hugely.

So will I.

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