Mothers and Daughters – Karen and Logan

Mother and Daughter by the Water

For as many years as I can remember, Logan has been friends with my daughter, Cierra. So many years, in fact,  that she is just like another daughter to Wendy and I. She was the first among Cierra's friends to call us Mama and Papa Cathell...So I was very pleased when Karen, Logan's real mom, wanted to be a part of this wonderful project for Mothers and Daughters. Even though Logan is mostly at our house on her own, when we go to school functions, we get to see Mom and Daughter interact with such a fun and loving spirit. Even at this session, there was just such an amazing spirit of joy and affection. It's such a wonderful thing to behold in these days when every kid and adult(us included) seem to have their face planted in a cell phone ignoring the wondrous world around us. Karen and Logan, thank you for allowing me to capture just a small part of the light you two bring to our world!

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