Kids With Instruments – Sadie Furman – Part 2

When I photograph 'My Kids' I try to find out a lot about them. I have them fill out a questionairre and hope that they go to town and really tell me about themselves. The majority of the time its from this survey that I  have the information to write a blog post about them and our session time together. When Sadie came to our session, she was a little reserved, as I have described before. But she warmed up quickly, and oh boy what a shining light she is. But I didn't know the half of it. 

Today, on her instagram Sadie shared a testament. It really really struck home for me; and I asked Sadie if it was ok for me to share it with my friends.  I have pasted the text below, but please go to her post, look at her pictures and feel the power of this young ladies faith. Thank you Sadie!

"Here is where I started my journey. Here is where I grew as a Christian. Here is where I questioned what my life was. I have been with this church since I was born. No it wasn’t this exact building but it’s the same family! My kindergarten year the Epworth United Methodist church moved from downtown Rehoboth Beach where clear space now is to a large plot of land on rt.1. I grew up with rev. Pat . I was raised in that old church, that church was where I was baptized and where I went to preschool and where I wondered the hallways after school because my mom worked there. I grew with this transition, I questioned if our faith was going to transfer over with us to the new church. Into the years of transition I took a step back and I needed something new and something I could rely on. I moved churches and became apart of the bethel family in lewes. I adjusted but deep down I knew something wasn’t right, I was missing something, I was missing my family. It wasn’t till about 4 years ago that I decided to come back to where to where my family was. I was welcomed back with big arms and everyone was shocked of how much I’ve grown and changed. I reconnected with rev pat who pushed me and shaped me as a person! 2 years ago I decided to do something for me, I wanted to be apart of this church again. I went through the confirmation class, which let’s be honest was the best most fun thing to do in the beginning but you develop friendships you never though you could make. before I was confirmed the wind blew and it was time for rev pat to share her presence in a different church, she expanded her heart and moved churches. I felt broken and felt like I didn’t want to be apart of the church if she wasn’t here, but I still did it. A little over a year ago I was confirmed into a church where I was built back up. I changed and grew not only as a person but as a Christian. This year I was able to take a step back and was offered the position to help out with this years conformation group. I was hesitant at first because anyone who knows me knows I struggle with bringing religion outside of church but I still said yes. Today was the day I got to bring them into the church with me. Today they became a member and grew as Christians! This group was definitely a pretty interesting one but it was an experience I will never forget! I got to teach what I knew in my heart to kids that wanted to be like all the rest of us, wanted to know what the presence of god really was like. As we send u into the world I really hope you can all share what you’ve learned this year and help people that are in need of an eye opener. Chase, bianca, Thomas, and Sophia, I wish you the best and remember we are all still here if u need someone to fall back on."

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