During 2018 it was an honor for me to work with Grass Roots Rescue to create images for their 2019 Famous Faces Calendar. This calendar features 12 "Famous Faces", dogs that have touched the GRR community and have a special story that shows the strength and determination of both the Dogs and their foster providers and of course those who finally adopted them. Most of the dogs that Grass Roots takes in are hard luck cases, dogs that many rescues or adoption centers can't handle. With big hearts Karli and crew very rarely turn dogs away; and they work hard to get them rehabilitated, adoptable, and healed.

If you would like, please visit their website directly in order to donate.

The majority of the photography and composites were created by our studio. Images that were provided by owners and composited are so noted.

Inset images were taken during or just after the particular dog was rescued by GRR, and document the initial condition of the dogs.

Composite by Eric Cathell Photography

Composite by Eric Cathell Photography

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