Katie Mae Fields - Edgy Ballet and Dance Portraits

Katie was kind enough to help me with a project idea I had for some edgy dance portraits. I think all of her portraits tuned out beautifully, but these are definitely some of my favorites, as I am sure you can tell since they are key images across my website. 

I had originally wanted to capture all low key edgy portraits, but she brought so many beautiful outfits we changed it up a bit. While we still captures several low key edgy shots, we also turned up the lights and captured her gracefulness and in full light.

For athlete senior portraits, I really like to add drama to their session by capturing several of these edgy low key portraits. this works really well for many senior portrait portfolios, whether the mode is a traditional sports athlete or non-traditional athlete(JROTC, Band, Dance, etc)

Do you know a senior dancer who wants to showcase their hard work and years of dedication, email me and let’s work together to create something unique for them.


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