1. Colors to Wear for a Successful Portrait Session

    Date 29 Mar 2019
    Colors to Wear for a Successful Portrait Session Whether you are taking a family portrait for a special gift or you want to update your photo to include new family members, formal pictures of all the relatives together are treasured possessions for most people. However, nothing can ruin a group…

  2. Harrington Father/Daughter Dance 2019

    Date 26 Mar 2019
    I love Family Portraits; but even more I LOVE Family Portraits with young children! So many times, I hear photographers on groups talk about how they love taking family portraits but only if the kids are grown and have moved out of the house; what does that even mean? I…

  3. Katie Mae Fields - Edgy Ballet and Dance Portraits

    Date 24 Feb 2019
    Katie was kind enough to help me with a project idea I had for some edgy dance portraits. I think all of her portraits tuned out beautifully, but these are definitely some of my favorites, as I am sure you can tell since they are key images across my website.  I…

  4. Kendrick Family - Trap Pond Family Portraits

    Date 22 Feb 2019
    Many times, when you least expect it, you meet a person who makes an impact on your life. This summer, for me, that person was Joshua, who is a young man with Autism. Joshua’s mom, Katherine commissioned me to take their family portraits at Trap Pond, which is somewhere I love to…

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