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I can’t tell you the brand of my first SLR film camera i used to take photographs, I know it was my Dad’s, and it was old school; full manual 35 mm film. I first picked it up in 1985 when I was 14 years old. It was a single reflex lens, but I had no additional lenses for it…heck I probably couldn’t find lenses for it back then since my dad had it when he was stationed in Okinawa in the sixties.

I used that same camera to capture memories of aspiring high school students for the Sussex Central High School yearbook. It was amazing because I was allowed to develop most of the prints used in the yearbook; for two years. Capturing the memories in that school was an amazing treat; watching those images come to life in Kodachrome black and white, for me, was life changing. I was hooked and I fell in love with photography.

Hong Kong 1990: One year after Tienanmen Square. I was an exchange student, living with a Chinese family on Hong Kong Island. I have albums of memories that every so often I dig out and just flip through. Better photos I had enlarged and still have the 8x10s. The memories in my mind eye have faded, those captured moments on film are now so precious to not only me, but my fellow exchange students with whom I have shared.

Life happened the camera was put away. Oh how I wish I hadn’t been so naive. Characters and people who passed through my life; memories that I wasn’t able or willing to capture are now just fading memories since that camera was now collecting dust.

Years have gone by but I have a camera in my hands again, this time capturing the memories in photographs for others. Photography is about capturing the moment and placing that memory on a medium, canvas or paper, for the client to have for the rest of their life. It’s so easy for everyone to capture pictures now, but are you really capturing a photograph? Pictures record events or people and are rarely ever looked at again; Photographs capture a memory, a moment in time that you will want to return to again and again. These can include your senior portrait, your engagement to the person of your dreams,or participating in a once in a lifetime event. In 30 or 40 years, when you are looking back on your life, will it be with an album on your lap of printed photographs?

I want those memories to be in the photographs I captured for you.

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